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“Within Architecture lies the incompressible gift of alchemy; the skill to transform the fruits of the imagination into a richer reality." 

                                                                       Asaf Gottesman


After more than 25 years of leading an award winning, international, architectural practice and more than 10 years spearheading important real estate developments, Arch. Asaf Gottesman has founded Gottesman Architecture; a new entity dedicated to Architecture Led Developments. The company will continue to focus upon luxury residential and hospitality projects, as well as,  mixed use developments that redefine the potential of selected sites and ensure both multiple values and extraordinary returns. 

Architecture is an endeavour that requires the participation of countless individuals in order to be realized. The challenge in every project is, not only the delivery of an architectural vision, but also to ensure that the potential of architecture is not lost in the realization. Due to lengthy planning and construction process of most developments, real estate markets tend to be cyclical. Furthermore, globalization invariably introduces further uncertainties that are not necessarily related to regional considerations and are often impossible to anticipate. Although it is true that “when it rains everyone gets wet,” the principle victims of market fluctuations are those who are poorly financed and/or delivering standard products that merely mimic market trends. We have learnt that creating unique Architecture that is better managed and properly leveraged serve as an effective hedge to market fluctuations. They reduce risk while maximizing profitability.

There is creativity in almost every undertaking and Architecture Led Developments are not merely about design. They are about the rigour of analysis and creating a product that incorporates the full spectrum of considerations. The company’s approach is the result of many years of hands-on experience in Architecture, Urban Planning, Program Development, Financing, Tendering, Project Management, as well as, Marketing and Sales. These accumulated skills ensure a richer and more robust product, one that maximizes the inherent attributes of a site and infuse it with the kind of values that are rarely found in conventional real estate developments.

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