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Located beyond the city center of Wroclaw, the site was composed of neglected industrial buildings, dispersed and fractured construction, total lack of vegetation, as well as, discarded waste. What was  potentially an attractive riverfront location was obscured by a high, graffiti covered wall and containers of garbage.


Benefiting from a long river frontage and a critical mass, the site offered the opportunity to rejuvenate not only the specific site but the surrounding areas. At the core of the scheme is the notion of a new urban vision, one that celebrates contemporary architecture, mixed use programming, increased density and open public areas. The plan maximizes the river views, incorporates retail, commercial and leisure facilities along a new waterfront promenade that links the development to the historic city.

Phase A of the project was completed in 2011 by Asaf Gottesman and Gottesman Szmelcman Architecture and included approximately 30,000 sq.m of residential apartments. The second phase of the development is being constructed by Angel Group Poland under the brand of Angel River and continues to extend our vision along the waterfront and the defining of an internal urban piazza. In accordance with the urban plan, this part of the project incorporates one of the two taller buildings that are envisioned on the site.



130,000 SQM



Gottesman Szmelcman Architecture

Local:Maćków Sp.


Phase A 2011

Phase B & C

under construction


Wroclaw, Poland

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