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Photo Credit: Amit Geron

Interior Architects: Kerner Architects, Rozen Architects, Studio Hazak 



Nestled along a cliff that overlooks the sea and adjoining valley, Arsuf Residences negotiates between the dramatic landscape of coastal sand dunes and the built environment. Composed of white fair-faced concrete, the architecture echoes the existing topography and is composed of layered terraces. A-symmetrical columns rise from the sand dunes to support the structure, forming a filter to the predominantly recessed glazed facade. As is often the case with waterfront projects, the desire to maximize sea views for all the apartments was a primary concern as was the need for privacy.

It took 20 years to realize Arsuf Residences. The project required the altering of an urban plan from hotel to residential usage. The scheme is comprised of 10 apartments; each approximately 360sq.m. This was a challenging project in every respect; urban planning, working on an unstable coastal cliff, as well as, managing the complex topography. Yet the ultimate challenge and success of the project is due to the clients.


Over a period of 20 years the clients never lost faith, remained civil and friendly both towards each other and towards the architectural team. In spite of each apartment being different, everyone got along and focused upon their own good fortune rather than on the good fortunes of their neighbors. At a critical moment we totally transformed the project but all the clients had the good sense to realize that the new scheme was substantially better. The long realization process was due to the challenges of gaining the change of use and the building permit, yet once attained, it took slightly more than 2 years to complete construction. To the credit of the clients, they never wavered and rarely compromised in spite of the occasional financial pressures.

The result is not only a remarkable architectural achievement but also a financial success that goes beyond what any of the investors could have possibly imagined. Faced with the option of "cashing out," the vast majority of the clients have chosen to retain ownership of their apartments. 

Residential, 10,000 SQM

Gottesman Szmelcman Architecture



Arsuf, Israel


Completed 2017

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