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Photo Credit: Amit Geron


Located in the North of Israel along the Lebanese mountain range that defines the border, Kibbutz Cabri has always served as a haven for the Arts and for artists. Over the years it has been the home to national artists such as Ori Reisman & Yechiel Shemi, and has established a regional school dedicated to the arts, as well as, a print studio that has attracted international renown. The etching center by Asaf Gottesman and Gottesman Szmelcman Architecture fulfills the very specific requirements of etching, as well as, substantial exhibition and storage facilities. The building is typified by its minimal yet pronounced presence within the landscape, its panoramic views and its use of defused natural light. 


Culture & Public Projects

500 SQM


Gottesman Szmelcman Architecture


Kibbutz Cabri, Israel


Completed 2006

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