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Photo Credit: Amit Geron

Facing the historic Roman Aqueduct of Caesarea and the coast beyond, this long, odd shaped site was particularly suited to accommodate a liner home. The linearity of the building echoes the Aqueduct and offers unrestricted views to all the rooms. It primarily serves as a holiday residence and its purpose is to instill tranquility and offer an escape from the charged and hectic environment that defines Tel Aviv. The Holiday Residence is comprised of one long concrete wall to the East and three glass walls. The villa clearly faces the sea and the Aqueduct. It is cast in white, fair-faced concrete marked by OSB shuttering which creates a sensation not dissimilar to the sand dunes themselves. From the roof terrace, the azure coastline is revealed and serves as the perfect location to enjoy the daily sunset. With time Holiday Residence has matured into a family and social destination; serving the clients both as an escape and a place to host friends and even public events. It was completed by Asaf Gottesman in 2001. 




650 SQM


A. Gottesman Architecture


Caesarea, Isael


Completed 2001

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