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LaSella is a villa of approximately 400 sq.m within the domain of Terra Porra. It is composed of three masses that are nestled around a substantial rock outcrop with spectacular views on all sides.  envisioned as both a holiday-hospitality destination, the villa is comprised of 5 double bedrooms and expansive interior and exterior public areas including a 20 meter long pool. The three built masses are clad in thick, green-grey granite that were placed horizontally and were chiseled on site. The varying dimensions and colors of the granite produce a rich array of tones and shadows that clearly differentiate the difference between natural and built structures, yet, nevertheless, create an affinity between the forms.  Red cedar timber planks define the intermediate areas between the stone facades and the window lines, extending the sense of threshold and protection. 

LaSella celebrates the spectacular views, the play of light and shade and the rich, natural flora of south eastern corsica. The surrounding views are both frame and expansive and the host of holiday rituals are mostly played out within the the internal and external vistas. The project by Asaf Gottesman and Gottesman Szmelcman Architecture was completed in 2017. 




400 SQM


Gottesman Szmelcman Architecture


Palombaggia, Corsica



Completed 2017

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