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Photo Credit: Amit Geron


Private homes resemble the art of portraiture and in this case the home was a true reflection of the clients. The brief was simple; total privacy and a 25-meter long pool. Asaf Gottesman's response was two asymmetrical concrete masses; one for the main home, the other an artist studio that tested the limits between the desire for privacy and the notion of street facades. From the street little is revealed beyond the fair-faced concrete walls with their subtle texture of the OSB shuttering.  Internally, the home was open and welcoming. The site narrow towards the street and widened as one extended towards the back garden. This enabled us to place the two masses at an angle, thereby enlarging the inner garden and overall the perspective.

Our choice to use OSB shuttering was driven by our desire to increase the tolerance for errors within the casting process. Unlike smooth "Tago" boards or wooden planks, the use of OSB enables one to repair any errors and enables the construction team to work more efficiently.



650 SQM


A.Gottesman Architecture


Kfar Shmaryahu, Israel



Completed 1998

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