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The bay of Santa Manza is one of the gems of South Eastern Corsica. It is under the jurisdiction of Bonifacio and is also close to Sperone; one of the most spectacular golf courses in the world. Yet like much of Corsica, the region suffers from high unemployment, low population and lack of houses and resources. The seasonal nature of tourism and the lack of alternative activities has led to the island's ongoing negative migration. There is no work for young people beyond the seasonal tourism and the concentration of holiday homes results in major shifts in population between the seasons. Ultimately, an economy cannot survive on just 3 to 4 months of tourism and alternative models need to be encouraged. Furthermore, because of the high demand for tourist villas and apartments, local residents are finding it increasingly difficult to find housing.

The project of Santa Manza by Asaf Gottesman and Gottesman Szmelcman Architecture aims to respond to some of the structural difficulties that plague the Bonifacio area by creating a new, year round village. Apart from affordable housing, there are the accompanying local retail and commercial spaces, as well as, hospitality and health related activities that can contribute to almost year round tourism. Due to fractured and complex local approval processes, the proposal is still under review, challenged by small interest groups that focus upon local intrigues rather than upon the opportunity to breath new life into a community in decline.


Urban Planning, Culture & Public Projects; 35,000 sq.m


Gottesman Szmelcman Architecture


South Eastern Corsica, France


Pending Approval

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