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The Siemens Campus introduces a continual and fluid façade that defines the campus. Through a substantial setback from the road and its curved façades, the buildings offer extensive areas and several alcoves along the edge of the streets for green areas that soften the visual presence of the buildings and act as an additional buffer for the workers within. In terms of the internal areas of the campus, the project underlines the collective through the creation of an extremely generous internal garden. The fluidity and reflectivity of the buildings softens the perception of boundaries while retaining the sense of a privileged walled garden. Although all the buildings share a common visual vocabulary that contribute to a unified identity, their individual forms and the subtle variations in detailing strengthens their identity and assist in defining orientation. The richness of the vegetation, the sculptural landscaping of the terrain, as well as, the introduction of a “natural” reflective pool or reservoir, contribute to a general sense of well being both visually and sensually, underlining the importance of the working environment and corporate generosity. The project by Asaf Gottesman and Gottesman Szmelcman Architecture is committed environmentally to attaining at a minimum the Leed Gold Standard.


Culture & Public Projects

85,000 SQM


Gottesman Szmelcman Architecture


Clamart, France


Schematic Design

1st Place in Invited Architectural Competition

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