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There are sites where nature is overwhelming, where the location and topography are so dominant that it requires the architect to go beyond the often abstract processes of planning and to “sculpt” and “mold” an architectural vision into the landscape. The site of Terra Porra is defined by its topography, the wildness & richness of its vegetation, the masses of rock outcrops that posses a remarkably rich spectrum of colors and form. There is little room for preconceptions. One is required to observe the movement of the sun, the forces of the wind, as well as, the directions of the slopes and the best vistas. One must weigh the consequence of mass, of its impact on the landscape and the delicate balance that needs to be established amongst the various villas that are envisioned on the site. South Eastern Corsica is a unique place. In spite of its richness and unparalleled beauty, nature is not taken for granted. It is treasured for its own qualities rather than as a means to attract tourists. Inaction is often preferred to action and there are limits that may not be traversed. This basic principle tended to define everything and led Asaf Gottesman and Gottesman Szmelcman Architecture to establish a dialogue with the very forces of nature that render this site particularly unique.

Envisioned as a community of holiday homes, as well as,  hospitality villas, the 17 units are integrated into a 80,000 sq.m domain.  Terra Porra has established new standards in the area both in terms of quality of construction and urban integration into the landscape. 


Photo Credit: Asaf Gottesman; Renderings by Studio Aiko. 



80,000 SQM


Gottesman Szmelcman Architecture


Palombaggia, Corsica



Completed 2012

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